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The Thocc Podcast

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I am a mechanical keyboard enthusiast that likes to talk to other mechanical keyboard enthusiasts about... well I think you get it...

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Dec 19, 2020

Hi all,

For our Christmas Special we are pleased to have one of the best voices and curses in the hobby, Chyrosran22!

Disclaimer: The Thocc is not responsible in any way for any damage to subwoofer hardware or any abnormal physical symptom caused by this Christmas Special... Upon playing this episode you agree to the terms and conditions set fourth in this sentence...

If you don't know know who Chyrosran22 is, you live under a rock... but I will leave some show notes for you guys to check!

Thank you for listening and wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Chyrosran 22 Youtube Channel

Acer 6312 Keyboard

Focus Layout

Chyrosran favourite keyboard - Acer KB-101A

Most Preciousssss - IBM 4978 "Beamship" keyboard

Northgate Omnikey

Strangest Switches Video

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