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The Thocc Podcast

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I am a mechanical keyboard enthusiast that likes to talk to other mechanical keyboard enthusiasts about... well I think you get it...

Below you will find the listing of episodes of the podcast, I hope you enjoy!


Oct 26, 2020

As I mention in the start of the episode, unfortunately ThereminGoat will not be able to join us in the podcast from now on due to life, the universe and everything...

Again, a big word of appreciation for his help, support and dedication to this project and make sure to go and visit his website if you have not done so already!

On this one we talk with LeandreN from Mekanisk about the hobby and his own experience becoming a vendor...

About Mekanisk

Mekanisk website

Mekanisk Instagram

If you are yet not familiar with Mekanisk please check them out, a great vendor with some amazing support!

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